Stop Struggling with online tech

It can be hard to start an online business. You need to manage web hosting, domain settings, email marketing, landing pages, sales funnels … and then you have to connect all the pieces together. That’s a lot to learn (and pay for) whether you’re just getting started or already established.

Don’t stay frustrated and confused – become Tech Confident.

Why Choose Tech Confident Hosting?

All the Premium Plugins you need

Automatic Security & Backups

Support when you need it

Site migration support

Tech Confident Hosting is a DWY (done-with-you) service that saves you money but doesn’t leave you hanging.

You get…

  • Secure website hosting with one of the largest WordPress providers on the internet
  • Daily backups, plugin updates, performance tweaks, SSL … all the important tech stuff you don’t want to worry about
  • Site staging (if desired)
  • Migration support
  • Access to our exclusive Support Forum
  • Ask questions (and get answers) about WordPress, plugins, DNS settings, webhooks, setting up funnels, etc. –– anything “online business tech” related is fair game!
  • All the premium plugins you need to run your business in WordPress

Here’s a list of the premium plugins you DON’T need to pay for – plugin list

Plugin highlights (FluentCRM alone is worth the cost of joining TCH!)

  • FluentCRM: the email marketing features and automations of Active Campaign with no contact limits
  • Fluent Support: track and manage customer ticketing
  • StudioCart: carts and funnels with loads of integrations (replaces ThriveCart/Samcart)

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Making sense of the mess

I help entrepreneurs who are struggling with online technology implement easy and cost-effective solutions to launch faster with less stress.